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Описание: Новости мира foobar2000, включая обновления плеера и бета-версии.

Сообщение #1 VEG » 10.05.2023, 19:53

Вышел foobar2000 v2.1! Предыдущая версия: foobar2000 v2.0.

  • Playback:
    • Added an option to toggle additional decoding (DTS, HDCD, etc) during playback, so you can play DTS-WAV without decoding DTS.
    • Changed how DSP settings are applied when playing through a high-latency output such as UPnP.
    • WASAPI exclusive channel mask negotiation logic update - 5.1-side could be preferred over 7.1, causing unwanted channel remapping.
    • Fixed a bug that caused current track restart in certain scenarios, such as rapidly changing playback settings.
    • Fixed a bug causing audio glitching near the end of last song with WASAPI exclusive.
    • Rewritten full file buffer feature, no longer blocks until whole file has been read. Large FLAC files for an example should now open with no delay.
  • User interface:
    • Fullscreen size of visualisations is no longer stored as last window size (2.0 regression).
    • Fixed playlist layout infinite update loop with column auto sizing and album art.
    • Fixed bad handling of preferences page creation errors (wrong message, broken dark mode).
    • ReFacets sorting changed to match playlist & album list sorting.
    • Made not flash main window if started with /hide switch.
    • Rewrote external album art lookup code, wildcard lookup now works where it didn't before.
    • Renamed "Notification Area" to "System Tray" everywhere.
    • Fixed dragging of WebP images to Properties dialog artwork tab.
    • Fixed seekbar & volume bar flickering in Default UI.
    • Forcefully suppressed dark mode if High Contrast is active.
    • Fixed some rendering glitches with big primary font selected.
    • Fixed first run dialog text truncation at 175% text size.
    • Default UI: Fixed toolbar font getting reverted to system default in response to certain events, such as system theme change.
    • Default UI: Fixed media library & playlist search edit boxes being too small if a large font is selected.
    • Properties: Fixed misbehavior of "Clear ReplayGain information" if the dialog was opened for just one track.
    • Various dark mode refinements.
    • Various screen reader accessibility issues addressed.
    • Various keyboard navigation glitches fixed.
  • Converter:
    • Fixed bad encoding of AIFF 8-bit (unsigned instead of signed).
    • Added built-in profile for TAK.
    • Added built-in profile for Monkey's Audio.
    • Restored old behavior with .bat files, using full paths to start.
  • Internet radio & networking:
    • Added Internet Radio Search feature, using radio-browser.
    • Rewritten HLS radio playback.
    • Improved FTP/HTTP playback & browsing, fewer connections used.
    • Lots of FTP issues fixed. Encrypted FTP now works properly.
    • Fixed specific cases of HTTP redirects being incorrectly handled.
  • Archive reading:
    • Fixed non-working extraction of .RSN (renamed .RAR).
    • Updated RAR unpacker code to the latest RAR library version.
    • Updated zlib to v1.3.
    • Fixed stack overflow with specific archive files in indexed music folders.
  • Codec updates:
    • Fixed incorrect handling of certain rare Monkey's Audio configurations.
    • Fixed missing decode postprocessor (DTS/HDCD etc) for TAK.
    • Fixed wrong reported length of certain RF64 WAV files.
    • Made possible to play Vorbis muxed into MP4.
    • Added support for tagging Wave64 & RF64 formats.
    • Report LC-AAC codec long name as just "AAC".
    • Fixed missing HE-AAC delay compensation, breaking gapless playback of HE-AAC encoded with modern encoders.
    • Made possible to read & write itunesalbumid & itunesartistid tags in M4A/MP4.
    • Implemented reading of multiplexed Ogg files.
    • Fixed bad handling of undefined-length chunks in WAV files.
    • Made MP3 VBRI delay reported and skipped correctly. Note that VBRI files are still not gapless.
    • Fixed missing "encoding" info field for AC3.
    • Fixed DTS codec info for DTS in Matroska.
    • Made TAK MD5 checksums read without TAK decoder component, allowing audio integrity verification.
    • Made FLAC seektable tool also rewrite oversized seektables.
    • FLAC decoder: log premature EOF, mark partially encoded files as bad even if they don't appear corrupted otherwise.
    • Added standard %codec_long% field to properly display detailed names of all codecs.
    • Improved reporting of AAC & DTS codec/profile info.
    • Fix for "DTS 96/24", made bit depth reported as 24-bit.
    • Made possible to decode float16 & float24 WAVs again.
    • Made possible to read ReplayGain info from Musepack APE tags (normally it's supposed to be in Musepack headers).
    • Updated libopus to v1.4
    • Updated Monkey's Audio to 10.30.
  • Other:
    • Fixed bug in Media Library preventing previously-unplayable files from being reindexed after installation of new decoders (2.0 regression).
    • Improved recovery from corrupted configuration files.
    • Suppressed unnecessary playlist rewrite on autoplaylist startup.
    • Fixed loss of autoplaylist content order when upgrading from v1.x.
    • Made autoplaylist sort logic work more consistently with v1.x, that is, sort by just date/album/etc implicitly applies default sort criteria to date/album/etc groups.
    • Made search query GREATER/LESS/EQUAL treat numbers as floating-point rather than integer.
    • Crash log writer added timestamps to recent events.

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Сообщение #41 VEG » 21.12.2023, 00:27


  • Final release.
  • Fixed wrong reported length of certain RF64 WAV files.
  • Fixed obscure shutdown crash.
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Сообщение #42 postED » 21.01.2024, 23:08

Пропустил сыроватую 2.0 и решил сразу на 2.1, но в итоге вернусь пока назад на ветку 1.6. Что это за жесть на темных цветовых схемах (на стандартной Dark Blue, например)?

upd: судя по оф.форуму о казусах с кастомными цветами Петеру конечно известно, и пока это единственный но довольно неприятный баг, который подпортил общее впечатление от 2.1. Жду 2.1.2
ugly2.1.png (8.92 КБ) Просмотров: 1602
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Сообщение #43 VEG » 22.01.2024, 01:34

foobar2000 v2.1.1

  • Fixed ReFacets not tracking playlist tag changes.
  • Fixed 64-bit installer crashing on Wine.
  • Fixed Album List tree selection manipulation regressions on Windows 7.
  • Internet radio compatibility improvements.
  • Added reading & writing of discnumber/totaldiscs tags in cuesheets.
  • Restored ability to read external album art from hidden files.
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Сообщение #44 Azaza » 01.02.2024, 00:14

Вышла 2.1.2, в которой, наконец-то, исправлена проблема с цветами в Album list.
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Сообщение #45 VEG » 01.02.2024, 00:39

foobar2000 v2.1.2

  • Preferences / Advanced: Fixed bad behavior when pressing space on non-checkbox items.
  • Fixed poor performance of adding lots of items to Playback Queue.
  • Worked around memory leaks in specific graphics drivers with hardware-accelerated visualisations.
  • ReFacets: multi-filter mode is now remembered between runs.
  • Restored correct behavior of Album List selection colors, when dark mode isn't active.
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Сообщение #46 LUR » 21.03.2024, 18:00

foobar2000 v2.1.3

  • Fixed foobar2000 v2.0 regression causing folder watch events to be dropped without triggering full rescan if there's too many of them pending.
  • Stop decoding ADTS AAC when running into APE tags, instead of reporting errors.
  • ReFacets performance improved.
  • Fixed bugs in MP4 video codec name reporting.
  • Fixed regressions in ASX playlist loader.
  • Some of CPU usage tweaks backported from 2.2 series.
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Сообщение #47 VEG » 15.04.2024, 23:11

foobar2000 v2.1.4

  • Fixed crash if freedb/gnudb server returns more tracks than asked for (regression since 2.0).
  • Fixed very old and very rare lockup when opening Album List.
  • Some CPU usage optimizations backported from 2.2 series.
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Сообщение #48 VEG » 03.05.2024, 14:43

foobar2000 v2.1.5

  • Removed gnudb from default online tagger settings, as gnudb now demands users to input their actual email addresses.
    • If you wish to use gnudb, you can configure it manually, but we strongly recommend against it.
    • Online tagger now defaults to which works once again.
    • Changed storage of freedb-compatible server list settings, to a text file in profile folder.
  • Reverted compiler to Visual Studio 2019, as current version of Visual Studio 2022 outputs AVX opcodes when explicitly configured not to, making foobar2000 crash on old PCs.
  • ReFacets added "last modified" column, fixed playlist interaction bugs.
  • Converter: Fail harder if "don't reset DSP between tracks" is on and one of files can't be converted - output past the point of failure wasn't valid anymore anyway.
  • Fixed WASAPI Exclusive timing glitches with exotic settings.
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