foobar2000 v2.0 (впервые нативная 64-битная версия)

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Описание: Новости мира foobar2000, включая обновления плеера и бета-версии.

Сообщение #1 VEG » 30.08.2022, 19:26

Вышел foobar2000 v2.0! Предыдущая версия: foobar2000 v1.6.17. Версия для Windows XP: foobar2000 v1.5.11.

  • Support for modern processor architectures. Now available as:
    • x86 32-bit (legacy) - requires Windows 7 or newer.
    • x86 64-bit - requires Windows 7 64-bit or newer.
      64-bit foobar2000 requires 64-bit builds of components; it can not load legacy 32-bit components. However, at this time, most components have 64-bit builds available already.
    • ARM - requires Windows 11 ARM device.
      foobar2000 for ARM has been compiled in Emulation Compatible (ARM64EC) mode and can load components built for x86 64-bit. There's no need for component developers to specifically build ARM components.
  • User interface updates:
    • Dark mode support on Windows 10 and 11. Add-on components need to be updated to utilize it.
    • Added album art in Default User Interface playlist view.
    • Clickable rating stars in Default User Interface playlist view (with new Playback Statistics component only).
    • New Default UI element: ReFacets, reimplementing most of Facets functionality. Old Facets component doesn't work with new 64-bit foobar2000.
    • Improved Default UI splitter, now allows any number of panes.
    • Added 'remember per playlist layout' to Default User Interface playlist view.
    • Added 'stream selector' element to Default User Interface toolbar.
    • Some Default UI Elements (ReFacets, Equalizer, visualisations) now also accessible as Columns UI panels.
    • Made more edit boxes recognize ctrl+backspace.
    • Fixed remembered main window position/size not respecting system DPI settings.
  • Configuration management changes:
    • New internal playlist format, changes instantly saved to disk, no more recent changes lost on crash.
    • New configuration data format, changes instantly saved to disk, no more recent changes lost on crash.
    • For non-portable installs, profile folder is now %appdata%\foobar2000-v2. There is no need to back up old profile before upgrading, your foobar2000 v1.x profile will be left untouched.
    • First run performs import of old configuration data (playlists, library).
    • New full config reset semantics - now clears profile folder (optionally leaving user-components intact) instead of asking all components to reset themselves.
  • DSP technology updates:
    • Made possible to apply DSP config changes without reinitializing affected DSPs.
    • Allowed DSPs to manipulate their shown name depending on preset data.
    • Added crossfeed DSP from foobar2000 mobile.
    • Added sample rate exclusions to SSRC resampler.
  • Audio codec technology updates:
    • More audio formats supported out of the box: TAK, APE, AC3, DTS.
    • Latest revision of APE format is supported (Monkey's Audio 10.09).
    • Updated WavPack to version 5.6.0.
    • Updated FFmpeg to version 6.0.
    • libvorbis is now used for decoding Vorbis format instead of FFmpeg, as some rare files continue to cause compatibility issues.
    • Cleaned up Ogg reader, made possible to seek in remote (HTTP etc) Ogg files.
    • Made FLAC tag updater remove ID3v2 garbage prefixing FLAC stream.
    • Made MP3 reader report MP3 frame count not matching Xing/LAME header info when verifying integrity.
    • Fixed bad MD5 verification of AIFF sourced WavPacks.
    • Added extra sanity checks to tag update operations in built-in codecs: made sure that attempts to remove covers from files that didn't have them in first place don't alter files at all.
  • Properties dialog updates:
    • Properties dialog now follows theme colors of the active UI.
    • Improved behavior if 'reload info' detects a change in number of chapters etc.
    • Updated Automatically Fill Values logic, better results if searched pattern appears more than once.
    • Logs tag update errors to console.
  • These add-on components are now obsolete as their functionality is available out of the box:
    • foo_benchmark
    • foo_bitcompare
    • foo_verifier
    • foo_input_monkey
    • foo_ac3
    • foo_sanitizer
    • foo_input_dts
  • These components previously included with the installer are no longer optional (features always enabled):
    • foo_rgscan
    • foo_cdda
    • foo_albumlist
  • Other:
    • Media Library efficiency improvements for very large music libraries.
    • New audio output device management features - unwanted devices can be disabled, bit depth and DSP can be configured per-device.
    • Can display file creation time (%file_created%) and attributes (%file_attributes%).
    • Internet Radio dialog (File menu), remembers previously played Internet radio streams.
    • Modernized Explorer integration, no longer needs separate 32bit/64bit shell extension DLLs.
    • Utilized Windows Imaging Component for picture decoding, removed libwebp dependency. Album covers in HEIF, AVIF, etc can now be viewed if system codecs are present.
    • Added %year% mapping, takes year part of %date%, discarding content past first four digits.
    • Changed default Album List patterns to use %year%.
    • New console logging system, writes per-instance log files to the specified folder.
    • Fixed incorrect handling of M4A itunescompilation=0.
    • Fixed glitching when seeking with smooth playback and CPU-heavy DSPs active.
    • Converter: Pass float32 audio to LAME encoder.
    • Changed replacement for slash character in file naming.
    • Fixed audio glitching on screen resolution change in certain configurations.
    • Improved exclusive output behavior with uncommon channel layouts, 4.1/5.0 would not play on a device expecting 5.1-side.
    • Worked around ages old problem with external changes to file tags causing loss of foo_playcount data (needs new foo_playcount).
    • Preferences / Shell: changed default target playlist name.
    • Better console logging of internet radio stream reconnect events.
    • Worked around foo_input_dvda bugs, no longer crashes on null album art data returned.
    • Updated exclusive output device-specific workarounds.
    • Compiled with Visual Studio 2022.

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