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Этот плагин автоматически сохраняет конфигурационные файлы, файлы данных и плейлистов в соответствии с выбранными пользователем настройками.

Yirkha:This component allows periodic automatic saving of configuration and other data in foobar2000 and keeping backup copies of the profile folder. The save operation itself does the same as (hidden) command "File > Save Configuration", that means it saves configuration (the whole configuration subfolder), Media library database (database.*), playlists and any additional data managed by other components (for example theme.fth or PlaybackStatistics.dat). Backup process stores configurable list of files and directories into a ZIP archive with file name like "" in user-specified folder. A ZIP archive is used to have everything in one file, as well as compress the (often large) database files a bit, using the fastest, but still significant and useful compression method. Very small and also .ZIP, .JPG and .PNG files are not (re)compressed.

Тема автора плагина на Гидрогене: Autosave & Autobackup (foo_jesus), Free salvation for your configuration, playlists and soul.

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[b]Changelog:     [/b]
  v10 [2010/09/23]
    - New: Use zlib1.dll bundled with core - the component needs foobar2000 v1.1 or newer now.
    - New: Don't compress .rar and .7z files (added to existing .zip, .jpg, .jpeg and .png).
    - New: Updated default backup item list: removed "foobar2000.cfg", added "index-data" (used e.g. by Playback Statistics v3.0+).
              Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version and changed the default pattern, you ought to do this manually.
    - Fixed: Filter . and .. pseudo-directories when backing up the whole profile folder (using * as the mask).
  v9 [2010/04/20]
    - New: Option for setting delay of the first backup after startup.
    - Fixed: Even lower priority for the backup thread.
  v8 [2010/01/03]
    - Fixed: Relative paths to destination directory.
  v7 [2010/01/02]
    - New: Backup ZIP files use compression.
    - New: Configurable backup destination directory.
    - Fixed: Added 30 second limit for per-track autosave to avoid main thread overload.
  v6 [2009/11/20]
    - Added a few things to ease debugging of obscure problems in other components.
  v5 [2009/10/05]
    - Fixed: Crash with empty backup filename pattern list.
  v4 [2009/10/04]
    - New: Added backup features.
  v0.0.3 [2009/03/21]
    - Fixed: Crash when autosaving after number of tracks with Preferences dialog open.
  v0.0.2 [2009/01/09]
    – New: Ability to save each time a configured number of tracks has been played.
  v0.0.1 [2009/01/08]
    – Initial release.
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