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Bookmarks (foo_uie_bookmarks)


Помогает запомнить позиции и громкость в песнях.


  • Instant Save: bookmarks data file is written to immediately whenever a change in listview data takes place except when a column is clicked
  • context menu Save performs writing to bookmarks data file
  • Delete key removes items
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Clear Bookmarks, Bookmark
  • Inline editable Comment column
  • Auto mode:
    • Bookmarks: activated bookmarks are automatically updated on stop, user starting another bookmark or nonbookmark, or shutdown; if playback reaches the end of the track, the bookmark is automatically deleted
    • Nonbookmarks: captures playing nonbookmarks on shutdown/user starting another for no/all/specified playlists; starting another capturing can be disabled for interplaylist/intraplaylist tracks; can capture a cache playlist that's been cleared
    • Queue: captures playback queue on shutdown, user stop, and user starting another
  • Field for global title formatting: %bookmarks_auto_mode%, the values are: auto bookmarks, auto nonbookmarks [sa|sd|cccp], auto queue; when queue is active w/either of the other modes, «& queue» is appended
  • Cache: captures entire playlist for a bookmark



  • ~ optimizations
  • ~ improved descriptions for some of the «Use this playlist:» prefs
  • ! auto nonbookmarks mode didn't activate when bookmarks were cleared while a nonauto bookmark was playing
  • ! previous playing auto bookmark state was not cleared in some cases which prevented the current playing auto bookmark from updating (0.2.1)


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