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Command Playlist (foo_cmd_playlist)


Добавляет в поддержку командной строки foobar2000 новый ключ /playlist-activate:”Name”. Данный ключ активирует плейлист с названием “Name”.

command line arguments:

  • /playlist-find:«name» activate playlist «name», create if necessary
  • /playlist-new:«new pls» create and activate playlist «new pls»
  • /playlist-activate:«name» activate playlist «name»
  • /playlist-activate#N activate playlist in position N
  • /playlist-activate#playing activate playlist currently playing
  • /playlist-rename:«new name» rename active playlist to «new name»
  • /playlist-move:N set active playlist's list position to N
  • /playlist-move#N move active playlist's list position by N

The index number N may have a sign, a negative index is interpreted as right-/bottom-offset. Thus the top list position is 0, the last position is -1. Double quotes around names are only required if the name contains spaces.


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