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Описание: Новости мира foobar2000, включая обновления плеера и бета-версии.

Сообщение #1 VEG » 16.01.2023, 16:27

Вышла финальная версия foobar2000 v1.6.15, и следом за ней корректирующая версия v1.6.16! Предыдущая версия: foobar2000 v1.6.14.

  • Maintenance release with changes backported from 2.0 series.
  • Less DSP reinitializing when cycling played tracks etc.
  • Fixed crash after loss of audio output device while playing.
  • RIFF64 format reading bug fixes.
  • Fixed playlist column layout changes not being remembered in certain scenarios.
  • Converter: Fixed very old bugs in AU writer.
  • Less strict reading of AIFF format.
  • Media Library: Don't report non-audio files (such as pictures or text) inside archives as indexing errors.
  • Fixed problems with accessing some non-UTF8-compliant FTP servers.
  • (v1.6.16) Reverted 1.6.15 optimization with fast DSP reinitialization on manual track change.
    This behavior breaks many third party components and can't be enabled by default.
    It's now available as an option because it improves performance when using heavy-to-initialize DSPs such as new VST adapter.

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